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Bhagavan Sri Bala Sai Baba Photograph

Balasai Baba Says: "Be Happy And Reach Me Happily!"

Bhagavan Sri Bala Sai Baba Photograph

Life is a mosaic of happiness and suffering. Griefand joy are the obverse and reverse of the same experience. The mind assumes the form of any object it intensely thinks of, if it thinks of a saint or a sinner, it assumes the attitude of a saint or sinner. Inculcate Right Mental Attitude (RMA) Relax and reflect on love, truth, beauty and harmony. Invoke peace in the world and to all down to the home and country. This is the only way to upgrade our thought patterns.
The universe is in perfect synchronicity with everything, and everything is happening for a purpose, in perfect precession, regularity and rhythm. If we are in tune with the rhythm we are collaborating, and if we are not in tune, we will be in competition. Pressure to be happy is the basic motive which drives the mind, since the mind craves for pleasures and our sense organs satisfy its desires. The unconscious desire for pleasure has the greatest influence on our behavior. The conflicting pull between the consciousness and unconsciousness affects our behavior and disturbs our peace of mind. Unless the desire for pleasure, initiated by the unconscious mind is alleviated by our conscious and discriminating mind, we will not succeed. Happiness is always inversely proportionate to desire.
When Baba says - Be Happy – he wants us to judiciously exercise the discriminatory faculty of our intellect and to separate genuine, or true happiness from worldly pleasure and expand it to the absolute freedom of Bliss.

May the wicked become virtuous!
May the virtuous attain tranquility!
May the tranquil be free from bonds!
May the liberated ones liberate others!


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