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Bala Sai Yantra - symbol of transformation


Balasaiism explains that it is possible for man to advance yet further in the evolutionary race to reach new dynamic status – that of the supra- mental being. Existence, Conscious –force, Bliss is the obverse; man as he is in his terrestrial habitat is the reverse. The transfiguration of the later into former is the whole aim of all spiritual endeavors. The veil of Maya, which is making the so-called rational man, is to be removed and it is possible only to mind. The semi-transparency of the mental conscious clears when it links up with the secret ultimate sources of knowledge and power and achieves glory of rebirth as Super-Mind. Then alone will our difficulties and frustrations cease and, not till then, will man be able to establish here a new heaven on earth and enact for ever all – possessing, all – blissful Ananda.

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